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Accelerate Defense is a podcast dedicated to ensuring that the United States maintains its innovation advantage over any military adversary. We look to history for inspiration, while laying the groundwork for a future in which American innovation dominance ensures peace. 

During the late 1930’sGermany and France spent roughly equivalent amounts on armaments, and were evenly matched technologically. Yet in May of 1940, German forces bypassed the Maginot line, and within months seized Paris. When it comes to defending a nation, innovation – in both equipment and thinking – is indispensable.

 In this podcast series, we interview political figures, military professionals, and other thought leaders about how innovation shapes our national security landscape. We provoke conversations about what new technologies might be required to ensure that the Unites States can match any adversary. Most importantly, we examine new modes of thinking, to ensure that our nation never loses its innovative edge. 



The Future of Defense: Rep. Seth Moulton

In the first episode about the Future of Defense Task Force, co-chair Congressman Seth Moulton joins host ACME General Corps.’s Ken Harbaugh for a conversation. The Future of Defense Task Force, chaired by Moulton and Congressman Jim Banks, was a bipartisan group working to strengthen our nation’s security.

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